Know Your Own Way Forward.

The voice of your soul can guide you through.

Hello, my name is Charanpal.  I hear you may be interested in seeking guidance at this time in your life.  Feel free to reach out to me for a free 20-minute consult with no strings attached.  

I have curated a spectrum of offerings based on my experience and studies in Spiritual Psychology, a study of the soul, which empowers you to connect to your inner guidance and innate intuitive powers.

Through our work together, you will find yourself in a deeper state of peace and resolve, you will learn to trust yourself, you will gain confidence in your choices and feel empowered by the light of your Spirit.  Watch as miracles unfold around you.   

Who is this type of work for?  

Anyone and everyone!  People have come to me in the midst of personal crisis, recovery, in the throes of heartache, in the confusion of career-choices, and in the heat of emotional struggles.  One thing I have learned is that these situations precede major life transformations.  As painful as these situations feel, there is always a way through.  We are hardwired with the ability to overcome, and becoming intuitive gives you a serious advantage in moving forward.

What do people gain from this work?








In our sessions together, my intention is to provide a loving space for you to explore your own intuitive voice for the clarity, resolve, and healing that is your birthright.

Since you are innately intuitive, I refrain from the old paradigm of advice-giving.  I use my psychic abilities to intuitively guide you to your own intuition.  I also do not give predictions of the future (nor do I trust any such predictions.)  We are here in a quantum Universe, co-creating with Spirit at every moment and exercising our free will!  

I assist you in learning what the voice of your higher power sounds and feels like, so you can direct your free will in the most enjoyable ways possible! 

Offerings include...

*Life Coaching

*Authentic-Self-Expansion Techniques

*Gestalt Therapy

*Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (prescribed meditation)

*Dreamwork Techniques and Interpretations

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

*Spiritual Psychology

*Solution-based Therapy

*Tantric Numerology Readings, Tarot Readings, Aura Readings

My style is direct, kind, and loving.  You can tell me anything and I will honor you and your privacy.  I create a safe environment where you can relax.  I see your light and loving essence at every angle, in every situation.  

I offer one FREE 20-minute private phone session to see if it's for the highest good that we move forward with sessions.  

Pricing options :  

  • $75 One 60-minute session  (Skype available if not near Santa Cruz, CA)
  • $200 Savings - Three 60-minute sessions (redeemed within two months)

Click here to email me if you have questions about booking a session!  

*LOCAL RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE-- When possible, I prefer payments to be made in person, as opposed to via Paypal.  Thank you!

*SLIDING SCALE OPTION--  Please email me if you are having a rough financial patch and we can work something out!

Private Counseling Options

“Charanpal has an amazing ability to draw out the inner voice of wisdom within me and lead me to the deepest truth in my soul. My experiences with her have brought a voice to many aspects of myself and helped me learn the deeper lessons that pain and suffering have to teach us. She helped me reframe negative beliefs and patterns through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with messages of love towards myself. With her guidance I have gained a tremendous amount of love and gratitude through the most challenging experiences of my life. ”
— Rosalie
I first met Charanpal at a Kundalini yoga class. She is a spiritual, passionate, and compassionate teacher and I quickly fell in love with her class and her presence. I decided to receive a few one-on-one sessions with her. She has great intuition and asked questions that got right to the heart of my current challenges. We identified my current core issue, which is needing to cultivate self-love, and she suggested a 40-day sadhana (daily practice) that consisted of a meditation kriya. I’ve since practiced the kriya daily and have just completed my 40th day. I’ve experienced great results. I find that I am not as critical of myself or am more aware when I am, am more patient with myself and am able to acknowledge both my personal limits as well as my successes and achievements, and I’m more joyful. Who wouldn’t love that?! I would not hesitate to call on Charanpal again if I am in need of some guidance and support through life’s inevitable challenges. It seems to me she has heeded her life’s calling of empowering and uplifting souls.
— Denise
The meditation that Charanpal taught me on retreat is now a part of my daily practice and has transformed the way I carry myself. People have asked me if I am doing something different. It must be the meditation.
— Casey C.
I started doing exercises Charanpal gave me, and met with her for life coaching sessions. She helped me make a plan, and gave me tools for manifestation and stress management. Working in small increments, doing the exercises, and checking in with Charanpal on a regular basis helped me through a very challenging transition. I recommend working with Charanpal if you are ready to make positive changes in your life but need guidance and support.
— Jami O.

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